PAP findings and their significance

PAP I: Normal smear, usually in very young women

Changes in some cells indicate inflammation, but not cancer-like growth. This is the normal finding in women of childbearing age and afterwards.

"Suspicious" Findings. "Suspicious" cells indicate pathogenic growth and sometimes surface cancer. After treatment of any inflammation, let the swab repeat after the next menstrual period.

PAP III D - Detection of cells with mild to moderate weight cell alterations
Smear control in 3 months. If the result is longer than 6 months should be
Biopsy examination.

Positive findings. The changes in the cell indicate cancer. A biopsy is made to cure the cancer suspicion or invalidate it.
IV A - Severe cell changes -> immediate fine-branch examination
IV B - Severe cell changes, early cervical cancer not
Exclude immediate fine-web examination

Pap V:
Positive findings. Cancer cells are present. After a tissue sampling, you will be able to
Immediate surgery or treatment.