Family planning

If you regularly experience ovulation and regular menstrual bleeding every 28 (+ -3 days), pregnancy should occur after 12 months at the latest.
If it does not work properly, the reason for this can often be found and corrected by a structured examination procedure.

1. Spermiogram:
In many cases one finds the cause in the sperm composition. A spermiogram in the laboratory can quickly find information. Your partner should give a sperm sample in the lab after 3 days of sexual leave, I will gladly give you an assignment. If a therapy becomes necessary after this, I assign your partner to a urologist with child-care experience.

2. Hormone status:
The examination of your hormones on the 3rd - 5th. Zyklustag can reveal many hormonal causes of problematic family planning. You will be able to do this with your doctor, but you can also do the blood donation by your doctor for general medicine before, let the following hormones determine: E2, LH, FSH, prolactin, TSH, from 35 years AMH

3. Ovulation:
To clarify the ovulation (ovulation) the ultrasound is used on the 12th cycle day or an ovulation test from the pharmacy. The result influences the therapy.

4. Children's needs:
If your results do not allow successful therapy in the ward, the path to the children's center is possible. I would be pleased to advise you in a personal conversation.